We fell in love over our passion for travel - Martin, farming his way around the world in his mid-twenties; Trey, leading brand communications for a global hotel company. While we have traveled the world in very different ways, we both believe that immersing ourselves in new and different cultures opens minds and brings people closer together.  

Martin (left) and Trey in Mexico's Sea of Cortez; Jan 2016. 

Martin (left) and Trey in Mexico's Sea of Cortez; Jan 2016. 

After several years living in New York City - five for Martin, more than 10 for Trey - we found ourselves escaping more and more, whether to the bucolic Catskills or rocky beaches of Long Island on weekends, to South Florida or the Caribbean on short breaks, or to far flung weeks-long holidays in places like Greece, Africa, Mexico or Portugal.  

But these escapes were not enough and only fueled our desire to keep exploring. So, when the opportunity presented itself to travel full-time (for at least the next year), traveling this great big world together and learning about diverse and unique farming and agricultural practices, we immediately got to work planning the trip of a lifetime (well, Martin, immediately got to work, while Trey worked through his hesitations and doubts but finally came around).

Inspired by our curiosity of other cultures, motivated by our desire to learn from those who are different from us, and propelled by our belief that food (and farming) bring people together - and heal the soul -, we've set off on the journey of a lifetime.  

Thank you for your interest and support.