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How Points and Miles Helped Us Pay for Our Trip Around the World


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What One Couple Learned from Traveling the World Together

Rule number one? There's never a "right" time to do it.




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Five under-the-radar destinations to consider this summer.




Love and travel. We believe they go hand in hand. The journey is both physical and emotional (and even spiritual!) We love celebrating other adventurous couples, so every few weeks, we interview a new duo about their own exciting adventures. This series is called Love on the Road. This week, we introduce Martin & Trey.



One a communications specialist, the other an advertising strategist meet in New York, almost instantly hit it off and soon realise they wanted to escape from the chaotic city life and retreat to a quiet place. That’s when Trey and Martin took their first holiday together for Thanksgiving, breaking away from tradition to the natural haven of Vermont. However, in their own words, it was a life-altering trip to Kenya with that made them realise the importance of their love for varied cultures and places. And, since then, they have been travelling together and blogging about their experiences.