Australia Town & Country

Australia has long held a special place in my heart; having lived in Melbourne for a year in my 20s, I found just about everything in this country captivating. From the gorgeous natural beauty to the thriving cultural urban centers, Australia has countless surprises in store to buck convention and counter common misconceptions about the "Land Down Unda."  When we were planning our journey, visiting Australia was a must, and I couldn’t wait to put together an itinerary of both town and country delights for us to enjoy.

There are many ‘Great’ things about Australia, and it’s no wonder The Great Ocean Road is among them.  The absolutely stunning drive along the country’s southern coast is one of the world’s most beautiful drives.  The charming town of Port Fairy stole our heart for the night.

We were spoiled with the natural splendor of the one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, another "great," the Great Barrier Reef, during our Whitsunday’s Sailing excursion.  Two days aboard ‘The Blizzard’ was hardly enough but just enough to delight in seeing thriving coral, vibrant fish and stunning beaches.

The Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney blew us away with their remarkable vistas and charming villages.

Natural wonders are complimented by the urban treasures of Australia’s major cities.  If you spend any time in Melbourne, you will become distinctly and deliciously aware of the innumerable cafés, bars and restaurants on offer throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Whenever we check out a city we like to try and find the green places where agriculture intersects with urban life.  In Melbourne, that place happened to be CERES, an educational, community urban farm that we were fortunate to have an old friend (and my former housemate) and resident CERES expert as our personal tour guide.  Regardless of the neighborhood or cuisine you’re after, Melbourne has something delicious for everyone.

There’s a reason that the sparkling city on the harbor, Sydney, has consistently been voted or considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world—the stunning mix of beaches, cliff walks, blended old and new architecture and an impressive offering of premier restaurants and bars draws and inspires a beautiful, athletic population.  In summer, this hot, heaving city gets up early and stays out late, making us wonder when anyone has time to sleep with so much beach, bistro and culture to take in. 

Australia truly has something for everyone, whether city or country mouse or somewhere in between, there’s a place or experience with your name on it.