From Farm to School Table

Particularly interesting for us during our trip to Africa were the unexpected visits to the farms of local villagers to understand what produce they grow and how they cultivate it in the often harsh Kenyan climate and soils. With approximately three-quarters of the Kenyan population earning a living or subsisting on agriculture, this is no small feat.  Especially impressive was WE's school farm, which supplies food to its campuses in the area.  

When we arrived, farm hands were sun-drying maize on giant tarps for storage, and the gardens were very lush and fertile, despite the climate, a testament to the innovative drip irrigation methods employed.  The growers really worked over the fields to cultivate food for every season, ensuring a consistent harvest for their students.  Further evidence of innovation was the farm's cellar with walls made completely out of charcoal, which apparently lowers and regulates the temperatures inside.  The little room stocked with root vegetables, fresh lettuces and herbs certainly was a respite from the beating sun. WE not only provides food for the children, but also focuses on food education and security, an important pillar in building sustainable communities.